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Re: new port: m32c

> > /*#define FIRST_PSEUDO_REGISTER   16*/
> > #define FIRST_PSEUDO_REGISTER   20
> Why the commented-out code?  Likewise,

It's already gone.

> and a number of other places.  I would suggest searching for every  
> '#if 0' in the port and either deleting the code or replacing it with  
> '#if DEBUG' or similar.

There's a couple of chunks of if-0 code that, in theory, *should* work
but at the moment *don't* work.  I suppose I should put in a comment
as to why I'm keeping them around (some already have such a comment).
Most of the rest are single-use debug chunks.  The ones that are
useful as a group are already "if DEBUG_*" but most of them are ones I
enable singly.  I don't like having to continuously re-add printfs,
but I almost never turn them all on at once, so a global DEBUG would
be pointless.

I suppose I could use '#if DEBUG0' and '#if DEBUG1' for tags, so I can
easily toggle them on/off yet still have descriptive logic.  Would
that be acceptable?

> - Comments.  Please add a comment to the top of every routine in  

Already done.

> - Strange indenting

Blame indent!  I ran everything through indent before submitting it,
and it did strange things to the code.  I've since fixed the obvious
ones, though.

> I'd appreciate it if you could use MIME, rather than UUEncode, for  
> future patches.  The web archives know about MIME but don't know how  
> to uudecode.

I have no convenient way of attaching it as a MIME attachment.
Neither my mailer nor command line tools know how to do that.  If this
is really important, I can install yet another mailer just to send out
these patches, but it seems to me that the archives should be told how
to deal with uuencoded attachments.  Meanwhile, I've been putting the
current patchset on the web instead of filling up the archives with
huge repeat posts.  Obviously, I'll post an "as committed" patch when
it's approved.

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