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Re: [RFC] Replacing tree level profiling by RTL level and disabling old loop when profiling for 4.1

> Jan Hubicka wrote:
> >Hi,
> >currently the RTL based profiling is in very poor shape. 
> I have no objection to switching the default to be tree-based profiling, 
> rather than RTL-based profiling.  However, I think it would be much 
> better if you would also remove all the RTL-based profiling code at that 
> time, and, if you have not already, make the command-line interface 
> previously used for RTL-based profiling work automatically for RTL-based 
> profiling.
> You've said that RTL-based profiling is badly broken and will never be 
> fixed.  If so, then leaving it in the compiler is not only giving users 
As I said before, I am using RTL based edge profiling (not value
profiling) to catch profiling updating problems from time to time, so it
is still quite useful for me, however I can drop it completely and keep
the source in my local tree only or simply make flag
-fno-tree-based-profiling output warning that the feature is not
supposed to work in general (this was my plan originally).


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