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Re: [PATCH] Add leafify attribute as hint for inlining

On 7/11/05, Richard Sandiford <> wrote:
> Michael Matz <> writes:
> >> > +   { "leafify",                0, 0, true,  false, false,
> >> > +                               handle_leafify_attribute },
> >>
> >> I'm not a fan of made-up words.  How about "inline_callees"?
> >
> > This doesn't transport the notion of transitiveness as well, IMHO.  And
> > meanwhile (it's quite some time this pet of Richard existed) I even like
> > the word leafify ;-)
> It's horrible ;)  It's up there with words like losslessness.
> I'd feel guilty about fanning the flames of this thread, but FWIW:
> in one of Richard's earlier submissions, there was a bit of discussion
> about what the attribute should be called, and I remember one of the
> suggestions was "flatten".

The thread starting at
has some suggestions (and the original name, "inline_everything"),
Alexandre Oliva suggested leafify, but flatten is surely ok, too,
though it is PITA to fix it for me (doesn't matter for the gcc submission,
though, as there cannot be any uses of "leafify" in the world yet. QED.)

My preference would be staying with leafify or maybe changing it to
flatten.  What do the authorities command?


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