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Re: [patch,libgfortran] Fix NIST fm906.for

Brooks Moses wrote:
> You're reading the wrong part of the standard (assuming that's the F95 
> standard, which it appears to be); that's talking about list-directed 
> _output_.  On list-directed _input_ of complex values, it has this to say:
> 10.8.1: "Each of the numeric input fields may be preceeded or followed 
> by blanks.  The end of a record may occur between the real part and the 
> comma or between the comma and the imaginary part."
> Thus, the NIST test case in question is indeed within the standard's 
> constraints for a file that Fortran 95 should be able to read, and the 
> problem you fix is a case of non-compliance with the standard.
> Also, given those requirements, I think it also may be worth including a 
> test case that has the comma on the second line to make sure that works 
> correctly as well.

Thanks for pointing this out.  This means that EOR may not occur both before
and after the comma.  Probably we should test this as well.

- Tobi

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