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Re: patch: morpho ms1-elf support

> I don't follow this argument.  One rarely sits down and reads code from
> top to bottom like a book but more commonly goes and looks at some
> particular function for some reason.  What comments are in front of
> other functions are not relevant and all matters is what's in front of
> the particular function that's drawn attention for some reason.

Worst case is the ports that cut-n-paste whole sections from the
tm.texi file; you learn to ignore the comments preceeding each
function.  Consider:

/* Try machine-dependent ways of modifying an illegitimate address
   to be legitimate.  If we find one, return the new, valid address.
   This macro is used in only one place: `memory_address' in explow.c.

   OLDX is the address as it was before break_out_memory_refs was called.
   In some cases it is useful to look at this to decide what needs to be done.

   MODE and WIN are passed so that this macro can use

   It is always safe for this macro to do nothing.  It exists to recognize
   opportunities to optimize the output.

   For the SH, if X is almost suitable for indexing, but the offset is
   out of range, convert it into a normal form so that cse has a chance
   of reducing the number of address registers used.  */

   The first time you look at the function, you may get halfway
   through and decide to skip it, and only later realize that the last
   sentence was different.

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