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Re: patch: morpho ms1-elf support

On Tuesday 05 July 2005 21:47, DJ Delorie wrote:
> > (in some cases, "MS1 implementation of target macro FOO" may be
> > sufficient comment, leaving it to the internals manual to detail the
> > parameters and return value of that macro).
> Can we please not entranch this silliness?  If the function is
> obviously an implementation of a documented macro, and does what the
> manual says it does, let's not waste time saying "this does what you
> expect".  Let's spend that time fixing real bugs instead.

I agree in principle. However in my experience you can usually say something 
meaningful about most target macros. eg.

/* MS1 does not have FOO */
#define TARGET_FOO 0

IMHO this is a useful comment even though it doesn't tell men anything 
directly.  The presence of a "this is obvious" comment implies that I'm not 
missing something subtle, and that the original author of the port has 
considered the value, and wasn't just cut/pasting or making values up at 


[1] This is a general statement, not an assessment of the quality of this 
particular patch :-)

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