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Re: RFA: make PLUS commutative by default

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> We currently have a hack in jump.c that consideres something
> commutative only if it is commutative and not a PLUS,
> to address an hp-pa specific issue.  PLUS is actually one of the
> most important operators to consider commutativity for,
> including when it is an address.  And there are more places where
> commutativity should be taken into account, like in cselib.
> So, before we start copying the hack around, we should rather
> replace it with a target hook call.
> I have broken this patch out of the if-conversion / cross-jumping
> merging patch, updated it, and added a jump.c hunk.
> Unfortunately, I can't test this patch on an hppa system; I have
> checked that it can cross-built a cc1, though, and am running
> an i686-pc-linux-gnu bootstrap / regtest.

It is not just PA any more.  IIRC ia64 has the same issue too.

-- Pinski

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