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Re: [PATCH]: Interprocedural detection of readonly and non-addressablestatic variables

Diego Novillo wrote:
+/* Return a INPUT_BITMAP for the asm inputs and OUTPUT_BITMAP for the
+ asm outputs of static variables written by the asm STMT. */
This is not what this function is doing.  It's adding *any* decl
it finds to the bitmaps.  Why not just check for statics instead
of relying on set intersection later on?
I modified the comment to remove the word "static". I need to rely on the intersection because the set of static variables that it is intersected against is a subset of all of the static variables. The intersected set are the variables that satisfy a bunch of constraints such as not escaping, not have their address taken, having a type that we are willing to promote and not having any silly attributes that few people know about or understand. Thus at best, the single intersection (per call to this function) could be replace by a bitmap lookup for each variable found. This does not seem profitable.


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