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Re: Add clog10 to builtins.def

On Jun 28, 2005, at 5:06 PM, Joseph S. Myers wrote:

On Tue, 28 Jun 2005, [ISO-8859-1] François-Xavier Coudert wrote:

Hi all,

while trying to clean and add support for various complex math
functions in the fortran front-end, I noticed that there is not
mention of clog10 and friends (clog10f and clog10l) in builtins.def.
That does look like a bug to me, and could be fixed by this patch.

These are reserved functions (7.26.1), not functions defined by C99. So
they shouldn't be DEF_C99_BUILTIN; DEF_EXT_C99RES_BUILTIN, similar to
DEF_C99_C90RES_BUILTIN for names reserved in C90 and added in C99, would
be more appropriate.

I suppose you're only adding clog10* not all 27 functions (cerf, cerfc,
cexp2, cexpm1, clog10, clog1p, clog2, clgamma, ctgamma and float and long
double versions) mentioned in 7.26.1 because glibc only has the clog10
functions and you don't know of any systems which have implementations of
the others which would benefit from the built-in functions?

glibc has everyone mentioned except for cexpm1, clog1p, clgamma, and ctgamma
(the float and long double versions).

He was adding them because he needed them for gfortran.

Andrew Pinski

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