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Re: [ADA Patch] Handle %qs in GNAT's bug box

I haven't seen any comment on this patch, so in case nobody opposed
to this change, it looks OK to me.

> The following patch to the Ada front-end implements Joseph Myers'
> suggestion that front-ends should use the appropriate pretty printer
> functionality to handle %qs, %w etc. in GCC's error messages rather
> than avoid using them in the middle-end.


> The following patch has been tested on i686-pc-linux-gnu with a bootstrap
> including C and Ada, and a full testsuite run, including ACATS, with no
> new regressions.  Gaby could you confirm that I'm using the correct
> pretty-printer functions and idioms, to simplify the Ada folks' review?
> Admittedly, I'm subverting the constness of pp_formatted_text, but it
> isn't clear whether Ada's Strings don't have to be NUL terminated, and
> allocating yet another buffer to truncate the string at newline looked
> like a waste.

Ada's strings certainly do not have and never are NUL terminated (they may
contain NUL characters though, which is different).


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