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Re: [PATCH, committed] PPC405 atomic support (PR target/21760)

Geoffrey Keating wrote:
> David Edelsohn <> writes:
>>>>>>>Andreas Schwab writes:
>>>>+ /* If configured for PPC405, support PPC405CR Erratum77.  */
>>>>+ #define PPC405_CPU_DEFAULT ("405")
>>Andreas> What is this expression supposed to do?  It doesn't match
>>anything defined by C89.
>>	The expression is comparing the stringified value of the macros.
> I'm pretty sure that doesn't work, and in fact should be an error

It doesn't.  However, that is being masked, because # is not the
stringification operator in #if; only in #define.  If David had written

#define PPC405_CPU_DEFAULT ("405")
#define TARGET_CPU_DEFAULT ((char *) 0)
#define S(x) S_(x)
#define S_(x) #x
// yada yada

then he would have seen

$ gcc -fsyntax-only test.c
test.c:5:25: token ""(\"405\")"" is not valid in preprocessor expressions

# in an #if expression triggers one of our least useful extensions,
preprocessor assertions.  Both halves of the == will evaluate to zero, no
matter what the macros are defined to.  Sadly, we don't diagnose the use of an
extension here (patches welcome).


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