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Re: [gfortran] I/O of large integer and real kinds, round 2

On Thu, Jun 23, 2005 at 01:17:31PM +0200, Fran?ois-Xavier Coudert wrote:
> > Fine. I'll come up with a final version of the patch, which I will
> > regtest on all platforms available to me (sparc-solaris, i686-linux,
> > i386-freebsd, x86_64-linux). Will you make a last regtest on
> > amd64-freebsd?
> Attached patch built, tested and regtested on i686-linux, amd64-linux
> and alpha-linux. I did a hack to force the use of the provided log10l
> instead of the system's one in amd64-linux, and it did regtest fine
> too.
> Please test on amd64-freebsd if you think necessary. I'm waiting for
> your approval to commit.

I think we have converged.  The patch is ok to commit to mainline
and 4.0 after the freeze is lifted and you do a regression test.

Note, I think you need to check large_integer_kind_1.f90.  It
actually doesn't test any output.  At least the version, you
sent has

! Testing I/O of large integer kinds (larger than kind=8)
program test
  use testmod
  implicit none

  integer(kind=k) :: x
  character(len=20) :: c1, c2

end program test


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