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Re: Enable -funit-at-a-time at -O1

> Giovanni Bajo wrote:
> > 
> > Just for information, what's the roadmap towards enabling unit-at-a-time by
> > default in C (as it is in C++)? What is missing?
> Having a story for what is to be done about crtstuff.c and similar code in
> e.g. glibc.
We might want to go for enabling unit-at-a-time at -O0 by default for C
too.  This might have a effect of quick rot of non-unit-at-a-time mode
tought (at the moment at least it gets excercised on something elase
than crtstuff.c)

Concerning the tolevel asms one posibility is to record relative order
of finalization of toplev asms/variables/functions and output them same
way.  This is partly implemented by Dale's patch but it needs updating
for variables.  If this sounds like better (ie less ugly) alternative to
keeping -fnon-unit-at-a-time around, I will do it.

Ideally we would rewrite crtstuff to not require this kind of hacks, but
last time I tried it seemed bit involved (and required section
attributes working on more targets that they did)

> zw

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