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Re: [autovect] [patch] Dependence tests and dimensions

Sebastian Pop <> wrote on 20/06/2005 18:25:37:

> Ira Rosen wrote:
> >
> > Yes, but p can point to a[0], i.e., two data-refs can access the same
> > memory even though their dimensions differ. Do you agree?
> >
> Right.
> But, why not keeping this simple test when we're sure both data refs
> are arrays?  Something like this:
>   /* When A and B are arrays and their dimensions differ, we directly
>      initialize the relation to "there is no dependence": chrec_known.
>   if (DR_BASE_OBJECT (a) && DR_BASE_OBJECT (b)
>     {
>       DDR_ARE_DEPENDENT (res) = chrec_known;
>       return res;
>     }
> The test is so simple and avoids to process inhomogeneous cases in
> later tests.
O.K., here is the patch.
Bootstrapped and tested on ppc-darwin.


ChangeLog entry:
       * tree-data-ref.c (initialize_data_dependence_relation): Perform
        dependence test based on dimensions of data-refs for arrays.
(See attached file: diff.june21)

Attachment: diff.june21
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