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[Ada] Documentation updates

Tested on i686-linux, committed on mainline.

Documentation updates

2005-06-10  Robert Dewar  <>
	    Eric Botcazou  <>
	    Ben Brosgol  <>
	    Cyrille Comar  <>
	    Sergey Rybin  <>
	    Pascal Obry  <>

	* gnat_rm.texi: Add documentation for pragma Persistent_BSS
	Document second argument (Ada_05) of pragma Obsolescent
	Add note that call to subprogram marked with pragma Obsolescent
	is now considered to be a violation of program Restrictions
	(Implementation Defined Pragmas) <Machine_Attribute>: Make it clear
	that only machine-dependent attributes are supported.

	* gnat_ugn.texi: 
	Commented out menu lines and empty section for gnatclean examples
	Document -gnatwy/Y
	Fix some over long lines
	Clarify and enhance documentation of ADA_PROJECT_PATH.
	Rework section 2.11.2(3) about linking with a non-GNU compiler.
	Mention new switch -fcallgraph-info.
	Mention new switch -fstack-usage.
	For gnatpp, replace '-notab' with '-N' and add this option to Index
	Corrected VMS example.
	VMS keyword for style check -gnatyd is DOS_LINE_ENDINGS, no NOCRLF
	Minor reformatting
	Add documentation for -gnatyu switch (unnecessary blank lines)
	Document new switch -U for GNAT PRETTY and GNAT METRIC
	Add note about Stdcall being handled as C convention on non Windows OS.
	Remove some junk typo in description of gnatbind -S switch
	Remove reference to Extensions_Allowed pragma
	Document the new order of the directories to be searched (source and
	object directories of project files before directories in ADA_*_PATH
	environment variables.

        * Document that IRIX is supported

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