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Re: PATCH - Fix an ICE compiling for ppc64

Fariborz Jahanian <> writes:

> Attached patch fixes an ICE compiling the test case with: -m64 -O1
> -static. -m64 is Apple's ppc64 ABI option. Problem arises after
> 'combine' phase combines a series of true-dependent rtl insns into a
> single compare insn involving an integer constant. However, constant
> in this pattern does not meet the constraint laid down in
> pattern for integer constants. Reload then attempts to move this
> constant into a register via memory. Generated pattern to do the
> 'move' causes an invalid insn.

This last sentence is the problem.  Reload should be able to move
any constant into a register.

> (insn 136 135 41 1 (set (reg:DI 2 r2)
>          (mem/u/i:DI (symbol_ref/u:DI ("*LC1") [flags 0x2]) [0 S8
> A64])) -1 (nil)
>      (nil))

Most likely the problem is in the chunk of code in rs6000_emit_move
that starts with:

          && TARGET_NO_TOC
          && ! flag_pic
          && mode == Pmode
          && CONSTANT_P (operands[1])
          && GET_CODE (operands[1]) != HIGH
          && GET_CODE (operands[1]) != CONST_INT)

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