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Re: [patch] : Add / extend documentation and inline functions

Hi Chris,

> Adds some documentation to stl_algo.h for the new functions, and also
> improves some parts of the old documentation. I didn't bother fully
> documenting things about internal functions I sort were obvious
> (first, last are iterators, comp is a predicate / ordering, etc), but
> I did add some slightly subtle preconditions to the partition
> functions while I remember them :)


> This also inlines a large bunch of trivial functions, that I really
> should have marked inline before.

Unfortunately, this part of the patch "causes" a regression (x86-linux):

/sort/ void test04(): Assertion `std::equal(s2,
partial_sort_copy(s1, s1 + N, s2, s2
+ 2*N), A)' failed.
FAIL: 25_algorithms/sort/ execution test

I'm sure it's a miscompilation (what else?) still, adding the patch
without providing some sort of feedback to the compiler people seems
*very* risky: if we are unlucky and the problem is not known or subsumed
by a different one, either merging the changes in v7 will become
impossible or will cause a regression in mainline much later. Can you
please investigate the issue in some detail?


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