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Re: [gfortran testsuite, committed] Re: gfortran.dg/forall_1.f90

Eric Botcazou wrote:
>>>>I've XFAILed the testcase on the mainline and opened PR22038 to track
>>>Please follow suit on the 4.0 branch.
>>I believe it's still frozen.
> Sure, but you can ask Mark.  I think we're not supposed to release compilers 
> with failures in the testsuite.

On most platforms the -O0 test will (X)PASS, on i386 at all optimization
levels, so it's not clearly better the other way round and it's not obvious to
me what is preferred.

I'd suggest to install Jakub's one-line fix which fixes this testcase; this
would still be broken, but better than what we're having currently, and it
won't leave us with a testcase which (X)FAILs on some platforms / optimization
levels and (X)PASSes on others.

Mark, since you probably don't know precisely what we're talking about: a few
days ago I introduced testsuite/gfortran.dg/forall_1.f90 together with a
bugfix.  Unfortunately on some (most) platforms the testcase exposes an
unrelated bug in gfortran, and therefore fails.  Jakub sent a one-line patch
which fixes this failure, but during review we found out that there are still
a number of bugs lurking, so his patch has not yet been installed, a second
(larger) revision is still waiting for review.

- Tobi

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