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Re: 4.0.2/4.1 PATCH: Enforce PIC code for mips libffi (PR libgcj/21943)

"Maciej W. Rozycki" <> writes:
> On Fri, 10 Jun 2005, Richard Sandiford wrote:
>> Huh?  Like you said yourself in your earlier reply, mips*-linux-gnu GAS
>> defaults to non-PIC too, just like IRIX does.  My point was that it's silly
>> to have mips*-linux-gnu GAS default to one thing (when invoked directly)
>> and mips*-linux-gnu GCC to default to the opposite.
>  The underlying tool defaults to non-PIC, but if invoked through the GCC 
> driver it does not.

Exactly.  That's what's silly!  Contrary to what you said later
in your reply, I see gas as a user-level tool in its own right,
independent of gcc.  Therefore...

> As a result the behaviour of the setup is consistent for Linux

...I really don't call that consistent.

> Your reason for doing it differently for IRIX is not immediately clear
> to me, but if you find it important, I won't argue.

This is just flamebait.  I'd tried to make clear that I didn't choose
the current IRIX behaviour, have no attachment to it, and certainly
don't find it important.  I just don't see the Linux behaviour to be
superior enough to reject Rainer's patch and ask him to change the
IRIX default instead.  Your original reply raised that as a possibilty,
and I was trying to justify why I wasn't doing that, and was accepting
Rainer's patch more-or-less as-is.

If someone else does have a strong opinion about the IRIX behaviour,
submits a patch, and justifies it, I'd definitely consider OKing it.
But as things stand, Rainer's patch is a strict improvement on the
current situation.

Anyway, this thread has probably got to the stage where it won't
do anything useful, so this will be the last I'll say...


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