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Re: [patch] : Add more symantics to sort, partial_sort, nth_element

chris jefferson wrote:

> Exactly what it says in the title. This is the non-contraversal part
> of the patch I sent last week. I'm still tidying up the other half.

Ok, I'm going to apply to v7 the patch basically as-is, besides a few
trivial reformattings and missing std:: qualifications: passes
regtesting, and looks basically sane. Also, v7 is for experimental code
and we can afford a little bit of risk, for now. I will study the code
in better detail over the next days, anyway.

However, a *necessary precondition* for even envisaging merging to
mainline this code, is documentation on top of the new helper functions
(like __introsort_partition for moveable, __unguarded_*). I know that
comments are also lacking on top of some HP/SGI functions but we don't
want to follow forever those bad examples ;) We are risking maintainance
nightmares, otherwise.

Also, a trivial patch replacing everywhere __is_moveable::value with
__value is *very* welcome: user code *can* define a value macro, remember.


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