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Re: [patch] Move mode-switching to its own file

On Mon, 2005-06-06 at 09:34 -0600, Roger Sayle wrote:

> Steven's split of optimize_mode_switching to its own file did the
> right thing, by not touching the existing implementation and only
> refactored it into its own source file.  For these types of changes,
> its preferable to avoid functionality changes, which would make it
> far harder to trace bugs when real changes are unnecessarily hidden
> in a large patch.

> I agree completely that there's a real bug in the code that was
> moved, but unfortunately your "rounding mode switching improvements"
> patch included the n_nexprs bug fix in the middle of a significant
> change to the i386 backend.  This pretty much limits the number of
> possible reviewers to just RTH.
> Please could you split out your one line big-fix, and bootstrap and
> regression test it in the new mode-switching.c file?  This middle-end
> change on it's own is much easier to review (not only by me but the
> other global maintainers too).
Yes, please.  I'd like to nail down the one-liner bugfix independent
of major backend changes or splitting up lcm.c.


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