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Re: [configury patch] don't add 'mpfr' to --with-mpfr-dir

Tobias.Schlueter@Physik.Uni-Muenchen.DE writes:

> Quoting Rainer Orth <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>:
> > > your mpfr is the one built together with gmp, --with-mpfr-dir is not
> > needed.
> >
> > This seems not to be the case: in an uninstalled gmp built with
> > --enable-mpfr, libmpfr.a lives in an mpfr subdir, but this isn't referenced
> > anywhere in toplevel configure, so libmpfr.a won't be found (nor, as I
> > mentioned, mpfr.h in case of a VPATH build).
> Sigh, this is a bug then.  --with-mpfr-dir shouldn't be needed in that case.  I
> don't have this configuration on any computer I have access to, but from
> looking at it looks like '--with-gmp-dir=$GMP_DIR
> --with-mpfr-dir=$GMP_DIR/mpfr' will work in that case, ugly, I agree.

Indeed, that's what I use (resp. before the last toplevel configure patch,
I had a local patch adding the /mpfr infix to gmplibs so libmpfr.a was
found in an uninstalled gmp tree.

> > Useless at least for that case, agreed.  I'm not sure which variant (gmp
> > --with-mpfr or gmp with standalone mpfr) is more common nowadays, but both
> > should work of course.
> I agree.  Does anybody have time to look into all permutations (GMP / MPFR
> installed / uninstalled, bundled / unbundled)?

With the latest configure patch, I expect all permutations to work since
there's no special handling for gmp with bundled mpfr left.  The only issue
I'm aware of is not finding mpfr.h for an uninstalled VPATH build of mpfr
(both bundled an unbundled).  This is not an issue for gmp proper, since
gmp.h is built (and thus lives in the build dir, not in the source dir).
It is probably ugly to fix, though (except by adding a separate switch for
the mpfr include/source dir).


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