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Re: [configury patch] don't add 'mpfr' to --with-mpfr-dir

Tobias.Schlueter@Physik.Uni-Muenchen.DE writes:

> > one could argue the other way round: the /mpfr infix is missing from
> > gmplibs here.  According to the installation docs
> >
> > --with-gmp=pathname
> > --with-mpfr=pathname
> > --with-gmp-dir=pathname
> > --with-mpfr-dir=pathname
> >     If you don't have GMP (the GNU Multiple Precision library) and the MPFR
> >     Libraries installed in a standard location and you want to build the
> >     Fortran front-end, you can explicitly specify the directory where they
> >     are installed (`--with-gmp=gmpinstalldir',
> >     `--with-mpfr=mpfrinstalldir') or where you built them without
> >     installing (`--with-gmp-dir=gmpbuilddir',
> >     `--with-mpfr-dir=gmpbuilddir').
> >
> > i.e. the arg to --with-mpfr-dir is supposed to be gmpbuilddir.  With this
> > patch and gmp build with --enable-mpfr, you need to know that mpfr is built
> > inside an mpfr subdir.  On the other hand, omitting mpfr is correct if you
> > have a separate build of e.g. mpfr 2.1.1.
> This looks like the documentation is out of date or at least misleading.  If

It seems so, yes.

> your mpfr is the one built together with gmp, --with-mpfr-dir is not needed.

This seems not to be the case: in an uninstalled gmp built with
--enable-mpfr, libmpfr.a lives in an mpfr subdir, but this isn't referenced
anywhere in toplevel configure, so libmpfr.a won't be found (nor, as I
mentioned, mpfr.h in case of a VPATH build).

> Also, the way --with-mpfr-dir worked made it impossible to use a standalone mpfr
> that wasn't installed, effectively rendering that option useless.

Useless at least for that case, agreed.  I'm not sure which variant (gmp
--with-mpfr or gmp with standalone mpfr) is more common nowadays, but both
should work of course.


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