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Re: [PATCH] MIPS32 DSP intrinsics

Mark Mitchell <> writes:
> Presumably, there will be such hardware soonish, and then users and 
> distributors who have GCC 4.1 will be all set.  If we wait to include 
> the bits until after there's more public information, then we won't have 
> support until some later point, and users who go out and buy the 
> hardware when it's released will lose.  I think it's reasonable for a 
> company to want to have released versions of GCC support their hardware 
> on the day that the hardware is first released.  And I think that's a 
> great thing for GCC; other compilers may not be as far along!
> Of course, there may be lots of other reasons not to accept the code!  I 
> just don't think lack of simulators and/or docs should be one.  I think 
> it's in our long-term interest to encourage hardware vendors to invest 
> in GCC and if we require simulators/docs/hardware up front that will 
> discourage them, or encourage them to develop on private branches. 
> Either way, our FSF userbase loses.

Well, I think we've got to the point where we'll just keep restating
our positions without getting anywhere.  I disagree with what you say,
but at the end of the day, you're a GWP maintainer and Eric and I aren't.
If it's decided that we should accept the patch once it's technically
sound, so be it.


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