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Re: [PATCH] MIPS32 DSP intrinsics

Eric Christopher <> writes:
> Nigel: Provided Richard has no objections and I get a promise from you
> to submit simulator support as soon as the description is released
> (first patch should be submitted no more than a week after...) then I'll
> withdraw my objection to putting the patches in on this basis. (You
> still have to get them up to snuff for both Richard and I on other
> fronts).

FWIW, I was kind-of sympathetic to your position ;)

We seem to have a situation in which MIPS still consider the details of
the ASE to be "too secret" for either the simulator code or user-level
documentation to be released.  That means:

  (a) no-one outside MIPS can really use the code at this stage.
  (b) no-one outside MIPS can test the code properly at this stage.
  (c) no-one outside MIPS can sensibly change the code at this stage.

(c) is probably the most serious.  It's hardly free software if only
one organisation is able to make changes...

So I'm reluctant to allow the code in at this stage as well.  I'm still
happy to review the patch though.  Hopefully then the final version can
be applied soon after the secrecy is lifted.


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