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Re: [Call for middle-end reviewer] Oustanding visibility PR 20218

Roger Sayle wrote:

> But investigating further it looks like this patch will break every
> ELF target backend that currently defines either ASM_OUTPUT_EXTERNAL
> or TARGET_ASM_FILE_END, including mips, pa, s390, 68hc11, m68k, sh,
> m32r and c4x.  The problem is that elfos.h now uses these two hooks
> for its own purposes, so any target that (incompatibly) overrides
> these macros will either accumulate symbols without outputing them
> or fail to accumulate them and output nothing.
> You'll notice that every platform that HJ had tested on required a
> compensating back-end change.  It looks like many of the targets
> that weren't tested will also require such a change.

On s390 the patch would certainly require additional changes (in its
current form the patch would simply leave the behaviour completely
unchanged).  I could provide a patch to add a new TARGET_ASM_FILE_END
routine for s390 that handles both the .note.GNU-stack and the new
visibility directives.

However, I'm wondering whether it wouldn't be better for future
maintainability to handle ASM_FILE_END like ASM_FILE_START is:
provide a default_file_end routine that is controlled by other
target hooks for each single feature ...


  Dr. Ulrich Weigand
  Linux on zSeries Development

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