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Re: [PATCH] MIPS32 DSP intrinsics

Eric Christopher wrote:

About the testing, we modified binutils to assemble DSP

instructions, and used our own simulator to test the program.

The GNU simulator has not been changed to support DSP

instructions. This needs to be done sometime.

Since you'll need testcases for this work you'll at least need to have the simulator patches for the net submitted to support the new instructions.

Hi Eric

Hmm - have we really always insisted on full support in the GNU simulator for new instructions added by CPU vendors, in advance of a new CPU's general availability, including x86, PPC, IA-64, etc? As far as regression tests are concerned we don't actually *have* to run the resulting binaries, we can just check that the expected instructions appear in the assembler output, can't we?

I'm not against adding these new instructions to the GNU simulator, it's just that this may not be possible until the new architecture documents have been made publicly available.


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