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[PATCH ARM] Add scheduler description for ARM1020e(+VFP)

This patch adds a scheduler description for the ARM1020e and ARM1022e
cores (they are the same apart from the cache size).

I've also fixed a bug with generating VFP code where we would sometimes
ICE when generating ordered/unordered floating-point comparisons.  The
problem was that the bun* patterns hadn't been enabled for the VFP.

Benchmarking the new description on real hardware shows that for some
floating point intensive applications we can get performance
improvements of up to 20% compared with the previous 'generic' schedule.


2005-06-01  Richard Earnshaw  <>

	* (bunordered, bordered, bungt, bunlt, bunge, bunle, buneq)
	(bltgt, arm_buneq, arm_bltgt, sunordered, sordered, sungt, sunge)
	(sunlt, sunle): Enable patterns on VFP.

	* (attribute 'type'): Add new types - f_loads floadd, f_stores,
	f_stored, f_flag, f_cvt.
	(generic_sched): No-longer used for the arm1020e and arm1022e cores.
	* (fmstat): New cpu unit.  Add an exclusion set between it and
	the ds and fmac pipelines.  Re-work all load and store patterns and
	all conversion patterns to use new attributes.  Adjust reservation
	descriptions accordingly.
	* New file.
	* t-arm: Add dependency.

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