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Re: [PATCH] Use gcc-internal-format instead of c-format or nothingin gcc.pot where needed

On Wed, 1 Jun 2005, Bruno Haible wrote:

> > The patch assumes gettext 0.14.5 or later, not sure how we should
> > enforce it (and not sure for which operations is that version really
> > necessary, only for make gcc.pot and msgmerge or also for msgfmt?).
> This version is necessary also for msgmerge and msgfmt. msgmerge needs
> the precise knowledge about what is a valid gcc-internal-format string,
> so that it can add fuzzy markers, for the translator. And msgfmt needs
> it, so it can report an error if a gcc-internal-format string is not
> validly translated and nevertheless not marked fuzzy.

We need to avoid two possible causes of build breakage:

(a) People building from CVS with an old version of msgfmt must not have 
their builds fail because of new features in the .pot and .po files.  If 
builds with old msgfmt would fail then we need configure checks to disable 
msgfmt in such cases.

(b) People building from CVS with current msgfmt must not have their 
builds fail because of inconsistencies between the .po and .pot files.  
The normal procedure for updating .po files is that we only ever take new 
.po files from the TP site; we update the .pot file in CVS, submit a 
release or snapshot to the TP, then download the automerged files from 
there.  Do I understand this would cause build failures between when the 
new gcc.pot goes in CVS and when the new .po files do, and if so we need 
to get the .po files fixed in CVS first (i.e. get all the relevant 
translation teams to submit to the TP files with the problem translations 
fixed or marked as fuzzy)?

Joseph S. Myers      (personal mail) (CodeSourcery mail) (Bugzilla assignments and CCs)

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