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Re: [patch] : finish adding move symantics to <algorithm>

Paolo Carlini wrote:

chris jefferson wrote:

This patch finishes adding move symantics to <algorithm>, in
particular to the sort functions and inplace_merge, as they all use
each other and the same internal functions.

This one is slightly more intrusive than the others, and in particular
introduces different algorithms for sorting moveable and non-moveable

Ok, thanks. Probably in some selected cases we cannot avoid that, as we briefly discussed.

Will get to the patch itself in a couple of days.

Actually, could you hold off :) After having a second look at it, I've decided that the best course of action is to just rewrite the stable_sort algorithm in a way which will make it a) better all around and b) easier to do move symantics with. I'll probably chop the existing patch into two, the non-stable_sort bits and a new large stable_sort patch.

Sorry to mess you around, I promise the final patch will be good :)


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