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Re: PR 20772: Further test runs for x86-64

On Fri, 2005-05-27 at 10:25 +0200, Andreas Jaeger wrote:
> Here's another round of patches so that test will run on x86_64
> compiled by -m32 the same way as tests run on i?86.  Some tests are
> also enabled for 64-bit compilation where appropriate.
> Tested on Linux/x86-64 with and without -m32; tested additionally on
> Linux/i686.
> Ok to commit?
> Andreas
> 2005-05-27  Andreas Jaeger  <>
> 	PR testsuite/20772 
> 	* g++.dg/abi/dtor1.C, g++.dg/abi/empty10.C, g++.dg/abi/layout3.C,
> 	g++.dg/eh/simd-2.C, g++.dg/opt/cse2.C,
> 	g++.old-deja/g++.ext/asmspec1.C,
> 	g++.old-deja/g++.other/regstack.C,
> 	gcc.dg/20000614-1.c, gcc.dg/20000807-1.c, gcc.dg/20000904-1.c,
> 	gcc.dg/20001127-1.c, gcc.dg/20010202-1.c, gcc.dg/20010520-1.c,
> 	gcc.dg/20011009-1.c, gcc.dg/20011029-2.c, gcc.dg/20020224-1.c,
> 	gcc.dg/20020531-1.c, gcc.dg/20020616-1.c, gcc.dg/980226-1.c,
> 	gcc.dg/980414-1.c, gcc.dg/980520-1.c, gcc.dg/980709-1.c,
> 	gcc.dg/990117-1.c, gcc.dg/990130-1.c, gcc.dg/990213-2.c,
> 	gcc.dg/990214-1.c, gcc.dg/991129-1.c, gcc.dg/991209-1.c,
> 	gcc.dg/991214-1.c, gcc.dg/asm-1.c, gcc.dg/attr-returns_twice-1.c,
> 	gcc.dg/clobbers.c, gcc.dg/i386-387-7.c, gcc.dg/i386-387-8.c,
> 	gcc.dg/i386-3dnowA-1.c, gcc.dg/i386-3dnowA-2.c, gcc.dg/i386-asm-1.c
> 	gcc.dg/i386-asm-2.c, gcc.dg/i386-asm-3.c, gcc.dg/i386-bitfield3.c
> 	gcc.dg/i386-call-1.c, gcc.dg/i386-memset-1.c,
> 	gcc.dg/i386-signbit-3.c, gcc.dg/i386-ssefn-1.c,
> 	gcc.dg/i386-ssefn-2.c, gcc.dg/i386-ssefn-3.c, gcc.dg/i386-ssefn-4.c
> 	gcc.dg/i386-volatile-1.c, gcc.dg/i386-xorps.c, gcc.dg/pr12092-1.c
> 	gcc.dg/pr14289-1.c, gcc.dg/pr19236-1.c, gcc.dg/pr20204.c,
> 	gcc.dg/pr9771-1.c, gcc.dg/register-var-1.c,
> 	gcc.dg/sibcall-5.c, gcc.dg/charset/asm3.c,
> 	gcc.dg/cpp/trad/num-sign.c: Run tests also on x86_64.
This is fine.  Go ahead and install.


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