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Re: [Patch/gfortran] PR18283

Tobias Schlu"ter wrote:

I don't think this patch was approved in the first place. I remember
complaining about a few minor details, but I didn't see a fixed version posted
to the list nor anybody else approved it as is. Please have a look at Kazu's
cleanup patch <> --
there was definitely something wrong with that patch, and I'm guessing that
some of that wrongness were the spurious whitespace differences I complained
about in the patch you sent.

Oh nuts! I took your,

"I think this is ok, but there are a few cases where whitespace-only changes
have slipped in, and the patch doesn't apply with the weird formatting your
mailer gives it, so I'm not sure I'm not missing something. Can you somehow
get a cleaner patch out of your setup?"

I took your, to be an approval, subject to the last. The fact that I still screwed up on it is really annoying.

I did not see Kazu's patch. I just realised a few minutes ago, before your message, when preparing the next patches that I had not committed the changelog entries.

This time I am doing the preparation of the whole lot under RH9. The mixture of Windows and Cygwin is too much of a hassle to get right. Unfortunately, all my .ssh stuff is on the Cygwin side and I just have not succeed in tranferring it to RH9.

Assume humble pie has been eaten in huge quantities, once more.

Thanks, Kazu

Paul T

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