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Re: [PATCH/wwwdocs] Fix some Fortran references

On Sat, 28 May 2005, Steve Kargl wrote:
> I have "write after approval" status with gcc/.

I know. :-)  

> In particular, my patches/commits are confined to gcc/fortran and 
> libgfortran/. I don't know what your requirements for committing to 
> wwwdocs are.

Sorry not being more clear in my previous message: "write after approval 
for gcc/" implies "write after approval for wwwdocs".

Every Fortran maintainer (as listed in the MAINTAINERS file) can approve 
patches like these, as can every global write maintainer or me.  If 
patches fall in the "obviously correct" category, as these seem to, you 
can just commit them without waiting for explicit approval, similar to 

In this specific case, I think the "obviously correct" rule applies, but
I explicitly approve the patch to htdocs/fortran and if you are sure the
one for htdocs/readings.html is the right thing to do (that is, it's okay
to lose that link), also consider that one approved.


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