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Re: PATCH to libcpp: Move to the intersection of C90 an C++

Patch committed.

| On May 23, 2005, at 9:33 PM, Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:
| >  #define bool unsigned char

Zack suggested not making that #define conditional on __cpluscplus,
e.g. have bool always replaced with "unsigned char" (as it was until
this patch).

However, that breaks in several respects:

  (1) gcc/ correctly leaves "bool" to what it means if being compiled
      with a C++ compiler.  So, there is obvious mismatch here. That
      is no good.  Both gcc/ and libcpp/ shall have the same meaning
      of bool.

  (2) when libcpp is included in a C++ programs, it silently changes
      meanings of the whole program, depending on the order of
      inclusions, leading to (better case) incomprehensible
      compile-time error, or (worse case) hard-to-find runtime bugs.

If the GCC developer community really feels that "bool", when GCC is
being compiled with a C++ compiler, shall  not mean what it means in 
a C++ program, then it shall be renamed to something else e.g. Bool,
Boolean or gccbool or ..., as otherwise the unconditional #define
directly conflicts with our own coding convention.

-- Gaby

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