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Re: [gfortran] Support INTEGER<->LOGICAL conversion as GNU extension

On Sat, 28 May 2005, Steven Bosscher wrote:
> Hmm, I'd rather have the g77 behavior, where -fugly-logint was turned
> off by default AFAICT.

It's just my opinion, of course, but my preference is for this to
be consistent with the other GNU extensions supported by gfortran,
and the default behaviour of the other GCC compiler front-ends where
extensions are enabled by default and options such as -pedantic and
-std are used issue diagnostics or restrict the constructs/idioms that
can be accepted.  Especially for fortran, which has a long history that
predates relatively recent standardization efforts and many "de facto"
standards and implementation precedents (things like CRAY pointers,
HPF, etc...)

For example, I was going to propose as a follow-up that the recent
diagnostic "Warning: Obsolete: arithmetic IF statement at (1)" also
be treated as a GNU extension, rather than its current inconsistent
status.  gfortran has a useful GFC_STD_FOO mechanism, and it makes
sense to use it.

As always, I'm happy to go along with your decision as a gfortran
maintainer.  It's just that in this case, the recommendation appears
to conflict with existing practice in the gfortran front-end.  I do
admit that g77 was just as inconsistent requiring -fugly-int.

Do you see this a special case?


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