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Re: [java/c++/rfc] avoid plt references to cni methods

Richard Henderson wrote:
> The idea is that CNI code will be in the same DSO as its corresponding
> Java code.  Indeed, after this patch it MUST be in the same DSO.  We
> arrange for the C++ front end to emit hidden aliases for all of the 
> functions that we need, and we use those in the _Jv_Method table.

For the uninitiated, can you please provide some background
information and the need for this set of patches? Is it
related to the discussion in:


I think this definitely needs to be documented
in changes.html.

In the first part of this patch set, you say:

  This is patch 1 of 3 trying to fix the CNI plt problem
  currently causing lots of Java failures.

What failures? On a randomly picked recent message
for testresults on IA64, I see a lot of Java failures:

though I haven't been seeing anything like this on
i686-pc-linux-gnu for several weeks now. Are these the
failures you refer to?

Thanks in advance for answering my naive queries.


Ranjit Mathew      Email: rmathew AT gmail DOT com

Bangalore, INDIA.    Web:

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