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Re: [PATCH] MIPS32 DSP intrinsics

"Fu, Chao-Ying" <> writes:
>   Here is the patch for MIPS32 DSP intrinsics.
> Can anyone commit the patch?  Thanks!

When you're posting a ~4000-line patch, it would be nice if you'd
give a bit more information in the covering message than that ;)
Can you not at least provide a general overview of the patch and
highlight any design decisions you've made?

As with the last round of builtins, my first reaction was that
there seems to be a long list of patterns with no real structure
to them.  It's very hard to get the "overall picture".  I'm sure
that's partly just the nature of the DSP instructions, but it would
be nice to know that you'd tried certain ways of reducing the problem
and that this was as small and as structured as you could make it.
(Just to be clear, it's the details I'm after here, not just a "yes"
or "no" ;)

For example, was it not possible to combine the addition and
subtraction patterns using a code macro?  Likewise shifts.

I also couldn't see any documentation for the new intrinsics.


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