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unable to deliver message

This shows my address ( only because a virus got into
my system via UNC-Chapel Hill server.  I do not know any of the people to
whom my computer generated these messages - I do not need any more
messages saying you were unable to deliver, because I don't want to be
any part in passing on the virus, and I don't know how to stop the
messages from you either.  Why McAvee did not pick it up before it got to
my computer is beyond me as well.  How do I get these to stop?  I am
deleting the daily copies sent from UNC-Chapel Hill, which I keep getting
3-4 times every day yet. (I am on their email address because I am
serving on a non-profit board for which UNC-Greensboro is handling an
account.  It came to me via SPAM from UNC-CHapel Hill and still I get
messages daily thanking me for my "interest in the University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill"  and I don't even know how to stop those
messages from UNC-Ch, since I never sent a message indicating any
interest!  It all came to/through them to begin with!  What else can I
do?  Thanks for whatever support you can give me in this matter. 

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