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Re: [PATCH] fix for "FAIL: g++.jason/thunk3.C" in gcc testsuite

Hi Richard,

Hmm... I just updated and tried running the test.  I get:
ERROR: g++.old-deja/g++.jason/thunk3.C: syntax error in target
selector "xfail rs6000-*-* powerpc-*-eabi m68k-*-coff mn10300-*-*
v850-*-* sh-*-* sh64-*-* h8*-*-* xtensa-*-* m32r*-*" for " dg-do 1 run
{ xfail rs6000-*-* powerpc-*-eabi m68k-*-coff mn10300-*-* v850-*-*
sh-*-* sh64-*-* h8*-*-* xtensa-*-* m32r*-* } "

It sounds like you might have misread my message.

I did :-(

I got that error
after running "cvs update" to pull in your change.  As you can see,
the message is complaining about "m32r*-*".

This is very strange. I definitely do not get this error and I definitely did run the testsuite. In fact the reason that I made the change to Kazuhiro's original patch was because my testing showed that his change did not actually work. (For me). I traced this down to the fact that the target string being checked was "m32r-sim". I guess in hindsight I should have worried about why this was not "m32r-unknown-sim" but at the time it just seemed obvious that only one dash in the target string was necessary. So I changed the selector to "m32r*-*", re ran the testsuite, found that the thunk3.C test was now an expected failure and so I checked the patch in.

The point is that target selectors work on the _canonical_ target
name, not the target alias.  So if you're testing --target=mips-elf,
the target selector will match the canonical target (mips-unknown-elf),
not the shortened form.  The same would go for "m32r-sim" as well.

In summary, I think Kazuhiro's patch was correct as posted.

I think that these problems must be down to different versions of dejagnu, or maybe expect. I have version 1.4.2 of dejagnu and 5.38.0 of expect installed on my system and in my gcc source tree I have symbolic links to the dejagnu and expect sources in the binutils mainline. (1.4.2 and 5.26.0 respectively).


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