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Re: [gfortran] Support for [...] style array constructors

Erik Edelmann wrote:
> I've been told that my copyright assignment has been processed, so
> here comes the updated patch I promised.

Sorry I took so long to reply, but usually Toon confirms this once he hears
from the FSF about this, but he didn't so far in your case.  Toon, has Erik's
copyright assignment been processed?

>>No, I wasn't completely satisfied with the wording either.  I'll
>>think about it some more.  Suggestions wellcome.
> Well, I haven't found anything better (but I'll have to admit
> that I have not thought about this issue _very_ much). But the
> current error message still conveys what I feel is important: the
> feature is not F95 (or earlier) standard, but it _is_ F2003
> standard (and thus different from other extensions).

I think it's ok, I just thought someone could come up with something better.

> Reg. tested on mainline.
> Please commit if OK.

Will do, once Tsomeone confirms your copyright assignment has been processed.

- Tobi

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