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Re: [patch] ipa/ipcp partitioning

Olga Golovanevsky/Haifa/IBM wrote on 15/05/2005 12:25:38:

> The two upcoming patching will contain: ipa_ipcp.[ch] files partitioning
> and proper ipaa patch.


> Steven Bosscher <> wrote on 15/05/2005 13:12:24:
> > No files in gcc/ have file names with underscores, everyone uses
> > dashes.  I can't find documentation to figure out if this is just
> > by taste, or by convention.  But for consistency, then, could you
> > make it ipa-ipcp.[ch]?

This patch is a ipa_ipcp.[ch] files partitioning/renaming.
File ipa-prop.c will contain commonly used by ipcp and ipaa functions,
that are now also declared in ipa-prop.h, while file ipcp.c will be
specific for constant propagation.

ok for tree-profiling-branch?


2005-05-17  Olga Golovanevsky  <>

      * ipa_prop.c: Deleted.
      * ipa_prop.h: Deleted.
      * ipa-prop.c: New file. It contains all ipa_ functions
      that were in ipa_prop.c. They are non-static now.
      * ipa-prop.h: New file, renamed form ipa_prop.h. Declarations
      of all ipa_ functions from ipa-prop.c are added.
      * ipcp.c: Contains all ipcp_ functions that were in ipa_prop.c
      * (ipa-prop.c, ipa-prop.h): Renamed from ipa_prop.c,
      (ipcp.o): New target. Added to OBJS-archive.
      (ipcp.c): Added to GTFILES.
      * cgraphunit.c: Includes ipa-prop.h instead of ipa_prop.h
      * tree-inline.c: Similar to cgraphunit.c.


(See attached file: division.txt)
new files:

(See attached file: ipa-prop.c)(See attached file: ipa-prop.h)(See attached
file: ipcp.c)

Attachment: division.txt
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