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Re: [PATCH] Fix type correctness of fold_indirect_ref

Mark Mitchell wrote:
Steven Bosscher wrote:

We could really use a little help from the C++ front end maintainers
here.  One problem that I had, and that Dan also mentioned having,
is just not knowing the gory details of the language and the front
end well enough to know what can be done and how.

Honestly, we're trying. Nathan and I both took a look. It's hard, and we've got lots to do. Insert usual volunteerism speech here... But, believe me, we'd love to see this stuff cleaned up.

Let me add that, in fact, Nathan said he'd look more at this -- but wasn't aware of the issue until this weekend, and went to a C++ standards meeting today in the UK.

Unfortunately, I think it's rather likely that *nobody* understands the issues fully. Jason is the longest-serving maintainer, but most of this stuff may even predate him. So, it's not like we have a secret answer and just aren't telling.

Mark Mitchell
CodeSourcery, LLC
(916) 791-8304

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