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Re: RFA: Remove TARGET_SWITCHES from the SH port

Richard Sandiford wrote:

OK, thanks for the explanation. In that case, would it be OK to commit
the patch without the removal of superh.h and superh64.h? The patch
won't really break anything related to them, in the sense that defining
TARGET_PROCESSOR_SWITCHES wouldn't have any effect in the current
sources anyway, even if the header files _were_ used. The macros
will then just document for what a future .opt file would need to contain.

Yes, except that one of the messages in your patch is not quite right:

+  if ((old_flags ^ target_flags) & (MASK_SH1 | MASK_SH2 | MASK_SH3
+				    | MASK_SH_E | MASK_HARD_SH4
+				    | MASK_FPU_SINGLE | MASK_SH4))
+    return _("created and used with different architectures");

I think this should rather say: "created and used with different architectures / ABIs" . -m4, -m4-single and -m4-single-only are for the same architecture, but different ABIs.

FWIW the flag_mask mechanism was written with the intention that it'd fit
into toplev.c (given a suitable interface to supply the mask).  But as the
SH port is still the only one to redefine TARGET_PCH_VALID_P, there is
probably not much demand for this.

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