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Re: [RFC] Do pointer comparison first in operand_equal_p

On Fri, May 13, 2005 at 09:19:42AM -0600, Roger Sayle wrote:

> The problem that I see with this is its interaction with the
Both OEP_CONST_ONLY and OEP_PURE_SAME ought to not have
side-effects, right?  The only thing that was pointed out that
may give different behaviour is ERROR_MARK, but that can be fixed
by making ERROR_MARK have side-effects (if it doesn't already).

> The side-effect is that this increases the critical path length of
> operand_equal_p, which is heavily used.
But it also makes it a bit faster, as I just timed it.

> Perhaps a better approach would be to split up the two
> functionalities, into operand_equal_p and constant_equal_p (and
> maybe pure_call_equal_p) such that each implementation attempts
> to reuse as much as possible, but its optimized for it's
> particular usage.
> i.e. operand_equal_p could call constant_equal_p for constants,
> allowing the pointer comparison to occur first in the former.
Hmm, I'm looking at the problem as a customer of fold-const.c,
not a provider :)

If you don't think this is a safe change, would you be willing to
provide this minor speedup I obtained in some other way?

> As written your patch may break stuff.
OK, though I'm not interested in guessing what it may break.
Have a test case in mind?

Thanks.  Diego.

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