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Re: [RFT/RFA] Per-directory libjava builds (take 3)

Paolo, this looks very promising.

It brings up a thought: it seems that fixing all of this eliminate the
whole reason for the libgcj0_convenience library hack which recaused
the long command length regression shown in PR bootstrap/20155.  Of
course that hack was just put in place to get around another hack for a
long command line in PR bootstrap/17222.

More specifically, this hunk:

> libgcj0_convenience_la_SOURCES = \
> \
> -    $(nat_source_files) $(math_c_source_files) $(java_source_files)
> -    $(built_java_source_files) \
> +    $(nat_source_files) $(math_c_source_files) \
>     $(BOEHMGC_SRC) $(NOGC_SRC) \
>     $(BACKTRACE_SRC) \
>     $(DARWIN_CRT_SRC) \
> libgcj0_convenience_la_LIBADD = \
> +    $(all_libgcj_lo_files) \
>     gnu-xml.lo javax-imageio.lo \
>     javax-xml.lo gnu-java-beans.lo \
>     external/sax/ \
>     external/w3c_dom/
> +libgcj0_convenience_la_DEPENDENCIES =
> noinst_LTLIBRARIES =

would be converted back to referring directly to libgcj_la. 
Effectively reverting this patch

2005-02-15  Richard Henderson  < <>>

       * (libgcj_la_SOURCES): Move all sources ...
       (libgcj0_convenience_la_SOURCES): ... here.
       (libgcj_la_LIBADD): Add
       (libgcj_la_DEPENDENCIES): Include libgcj_la_LIBADD.
       * Regenerate.

Unfortunately, I don't have a Alpha or MIPS host to test this theory

Kelley Cook

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