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Re: [PATCH]: Fix PR tree-optimization/21407

On 11/05/2005, at 5:00 PM, Mike Stump wrote:

On May 11, 2005, at 4:46 PM, Geoff Keating wrote:

Obviously this statement makes certain limitations, for instance the C++ standard does not appear to require that an object is contained in a flat piece of memory (it says "region", not "range" or "contiguous region"), but this statement does.

I thought it was perfectly clear:

4 The object representation of an object of type T is the sequence of N
unsigned char objects taken up by the object of type T, where N equals
sizeof(T). The value representation of an object is the set of bits
that hold the value of type T. For POD types, the value representa-
tion is a set of bits in the object representation that determines a
value, which is one discrete element of an implementation- defined set
of values.37)


Yes, that's right. I'd forgotten about that. (I should have used 'object representation' in those definitions: "the array made up of the object representation of <specify object>".)

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