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[patch] tree-*.c: Replace rewrite_ssa_into_ssa in comments withupdate_ssa.


Committed as obvious.

Kazu Hirata

2005-05-10  Kazu Hirata  <>

	PR tree-optimization/21170
	* tree-ssa-dom.c, tree-ssa-threadupdate.c: Replace
	rewrite_ssa_into_ssa in comments with update_ssa.

Index: tree-ssa-dom.c
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/gcc/gcc/tree-ssa-dom.c,v
retrieving revision 2.108
diff -u -d -p -r2.108 tree-ssa-dom.c
--- tree-ssa-dom.c	3 May 2005 12:19:43 -0000	2.108
+++ tree-ssa-dom.c	10 May 2005 20:14:06 -0000
@@ -486,7 +486,7 @@ tree_ssa_dominator_optimize (void)
 	 This must be done before we iterate as we might have a
 	 reference to an SSA_NAME which was removed by the call to
-	 rewrite_ssa_into_ssa.
+	 update_ssa.
 	 Long term we will be able to let everything in SSA_NAME_VALUE
 	 persist.  However, for now, we know this is the safe thing to do.  */
Index: tree-ssa-threadupdate.c
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/gcc/gcc/tree-ssa-threadupdate.c,v
retrieving revision 2.25
diff -u -d -p -r2.25 tree-ssa-threadupdate.c
--- tree-ssa-threadupdate.c	6 May 2005 16:43:52 -0000	2.25
+++ tree-ssa-threadupdate.c	10 May 2005 20:14:06 -0000
@@ -648,8 +648,8 @@ redirect_edges (void **slot, void *data)
    the appropriate duplicate of BB.
    BB and its duplicates will have assignments to the same set of
-   SSA_NAMEs.  Right now, we just call into rewrite_ssa_into_ssa
-   to update the SSA graph for those names.
+   SSA_NAMEs.  Right now, we just call into update_ssa to update the
+   SSA graph for those names.
    We are also going to experiment with a true incremental update
    scheme for the duplicated resources.  One of the interesting

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