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Re: libtool max_cmd_len bits

Mike Stump wrote:

:-( And I tested that case on my system, and it worked because my shell isn't `buggy'.

I think we're at roughly the same point shells that we were with make previously: we should just require that you have a non-broken shell. I wouldn't necessarily say "you must have bash", but "you must have a POSIX or near-POSIX shell" would be reasonable.

1. We tell people to set CONFIG_SHELL anyhow, and don't really try to make our build process work with shells like the Solaris or AIX /bin/sh.

2. The bootstrapping issue is easily worked around; just download the pre-existing binary package of bash for your system, or build a cross compiler.

3. Building compilers is hard enough; we could simplify our lives by not fighting with the shell.

I realize that the code in question is in libtool, not GCC, and therefore that it's not for us to set policy. If the libtool people want to be heros, that's certainly their privilege. I just think they don't need to be.

Mark Mitchell
CodeSourcery, LLC
(916) 791-8304

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