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Re: [PATCH] - Addressing minor hot/cold partitioning concerns

Caroline Tice <> writes:

> This patch addresses the minor concerns Zack asked me to address with
> respect to the last hot/cold partitioning patch.  It also fixes a few
> small problems I discovered when I turned on -ffunction-sections.
> This patch has been tested on an Apple G4 running powerpc-darwin, and
> on an i686 running Linux.  It has passes a profiledboostrap with
> partitioning; a profiledbootstrap without partitioning but with basic
> block reordering; a regular bootstrap; and the DejaGnu tests.  It also
> has passed several SPEC 2000 benchmarks with various combinations of
> function sections and partitioning turned on and off.
> I would especially appreciate people with access to AIX or HPUX
> machines looking over (testing?) this patch, as I do not have access
> to those architectures.
> Is this okay to commit to FSF mainline?

I do not see any problems with this patch, and will approve it, but
ask that you wait one week for AIX and/or HPUX testing.


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