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Re: [PATCH]: Separate target and host config files

Nathan Sidwell <> writes:

> This patch implements the subset idea.  Paolo had sufficient autoconf/m4-fu
> to create the right macros to do this. 

This, I like.  It's even better than the grep idea, because the
indication of whether any given macro is relevant to the target is
right next to the definition of the macro in

> Each #define in the autoheader'd gets wrapped in a #ifndef
> USED_FOR_TARGET, _unless_ we specifically ask it not to.  The
> slightly funky formatting for the macro #endif
> 	]))])
> is necessary to stop autoheader's scanning of the configure file from
> barfing.  This causes two blank lines between each entry of
> Paolo knows the details.

You might be able to get rid of the extra blank line by writing


but this is untested, and I wouldn't bother trying very hard to make
it work.  Extra blank lines are harmless, after all.

I think the redefinition of AH_TEMPLATE belongs in, not
aclocal.m4, but if the autoconf custom is to put it in aclocal.m4 then
go with that.

I don't see how auto-host.h is now getting included in tconfig.h.


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